The URDU THESAURUS (‘beta’ or ‘testing’ version) launched for the web and smartphones on 16 July 2016 was developed over five years. Through the Urdu Thesaurus website and app, over forty thousand unique words and phrases, and over twenty thousand sets of synonyms can be searched. As a language reference resource, it is a constantly evolving tool. Currently featuring only synonyms, its future versions will have integrated Urdu-to-Urdu lexicons, bilingual dictionaries, and dictionaries of antonyms, idioms and proverbs. The Urdu Thesaurus features and usage guide could be read here.

I am indebted to esteemed Urdu scholars and linguists, Dr Tehsin Firaqi, Dr Moeen Nizami, Muhammad Salim-ur-Rahman, and Dr Mazhar Mahmood Shairani, who have accepted my invitation to join the Editorial Advisory Board to guide the future development of this resource. For any errors and shortcomings in the work I alone am responsible.

My deepest gratitude goes to Dr Awais Athar for his help with programming the URDU THESAURUS online database and mobile app. He diligently answered the many queries sent over time, and arranged to make the desired features available and the web interface and the mobile app user-friendly products.

I would like to thank Humaira Ashraf and Dr Rafaqat Ali Shahid, for their careful editing and proofreading work. Many thanks are also due Usman Abid and Muhammad Shoaib for their painstaking data-entry work.

Like all linguistic resources this work draws on numerous Urdu lexicons and reference works. The arrangement and presentation of the data, however, is unique and copyrighted. A detailed bibliography of sources will be released upon the project’s completion. For licensing and data download queries, please contact us at info@urduthesaurus.com.

The URDU THESAURUS is provided as a free educational resource. The design and content of this resource will benefit from the advice and recommendations of its users. Please contact us with your comments both through the website and the phone app. We look forward to hearing from you about your experience, and thank you for your support.


Musharraf Ali Farooqi
16 July 2016

The URDU THESAURUS is a joint presentation of KITAB (Pvt.) Limited and Urdu Project. Copyright © Musharraf Ali Farooqi 2011-2016. All rights reserved.